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Talking Lead Podcast

Talking Lead is a pro 2nd amendment, pro United States Of America show that demonstrates the immense diversity within the firearms community.  Interviews include people, products & companies not only from within but from outside the firearms industry.  Topics are as wide and diverse as you can imagine.  Talking Lead keeps the content fun, educational, upbeat and positive by discussing guns, knives, gear, hunting, training, music, movies, pop culture & leisure activities.  Social Media is: @talkinglead Website is: 

Jul 8, 2022

Hope everyone had a great 4th Of July / Independence Holiday! Made In The USA! In this Talking Lead episode, continuing our Great Americans Series, Lefty welcomes the owner and CEO of Henry Repeating Arms Mr. Anthony Imperato. Lefty talks with Anthony about how he started Henry Repeating Arms over 25 years ago in New York City and how they have evolved into one of the most popular Lever Action firearm manufactures. Anthony describes what his childhood was like growing up in the firearms industry, he talks about his passion for cooking and wine, his favorite sports teams and his love of racing by being a title sponsor of the NASCAR Xfinity Series Henry 180 race... plus many more topics with Lefty.

Anthony and HRA are heavily involved with supporting charitable organizations (Guns For Great Causes) that benefit wildlife conservation, gun rights, children's hospitals and more. Henry is pledging to donate one-million-dollars (1,000,000) towards these kinds of non-profits to ring in their 25 year anniversary celebration!